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Sociology is a basic science that investigates the interrelationships between social order and social change in our personal lives, the communities that we live in, and the world as a whole. At the level of social relationships, sociologists study the cause and consequences of issues such as racial, ethnic, and gender identity; marriage and family dynamics; and the realities of social stratification and inequalities. On the level of community, sociologists study the nature of economic and political systems, criminal justice system, educational system, beliefs and religion, and social change and movements. On the global level, sociologists study conflict between societies, war and global terrorism, cultural diversity, and the processes of modernization and globalization. The mission of the Sociology Program at ECSU is to provide undergraduate instruction in sociology and prepare students to pursue graduate study in the field or other related areas such as business, education, law, counseling, and the media. Students in sociology received an undergraduate degree which is in the best tradition of liberal education, and which instills in them not only a scientific bent of mind but also a "sociological imagination" that is historical, comparative, critical, and global in nature.